Navigating Menopause Can Feel Overwhelming

  • Do you struggle to figure out where to start?
  • Is conflicting information confusing?
  • Are you seeing an impact on your relationships?
  • Are you embarrassed to talk to your GP?
  • Is going it alone exhausting?
  • Do you feel less engaged and productive at work?

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Hot flashes are one thing but murmurs of other bodily changes that can occur throughout menopause prompted my sister and me to consult with Teresa. She made the consultation shockingly informative, truly empowering and even fun.


Hi, I’m Teresa


When I was in my late 40s my son asked me if I was bipolar. I wasn’t, but the question made me look for answers to explain my mood swings, irritability, impatience, anger, and sleep issues.

I found some answers and learned that I was in perimenopause.

As a Pharmacist with 25 years experience in healthcare, I realized that if I wasn’t fully aware of the changes of the menopause transition then there must be a lot of other women who didn’t know either.

I help you to manage your symptoms with a holistic approach through lifestyle interventions first. If that is not fully effective, I can also discuss medications such as hormone therapy. My main priority is individualized care based on your preferences, healthy history, and personal values.

I have educated and coached hundreds of women and look forward to helping you too!

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The designation NCMP recognizes Teresa as being an expert in menopause. I know that she understands and follows well thought out guidelines for the patients she cares for. However, what makes Teresa spectacular is her level of devotion, her passion and her drive for empowering every woman she sees with knowledge and a comfort level in this quagmire of menopause, its symptoms, signs, distress and personal idiosyncratic issues for women. I am honored to recommend patients to her care and to share this educational journey with her.

–Dr. Vivien Brown MDCM, CCFP, FCFP, NCMP
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

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Six Tips For An Easier Menopause Transition

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