I recently wrote an article for Medisys entitled “Managing Menopause Your Way”.

Menopause affects women’s quality of life and work. And menopause affects not only the woman but also those who live and interact with her:  partners, children, family, friends, and co-workers. Some women don’t know what’s happening to them during perimenopause, others know their symptoms are related to hormone imbalance but do not disclose the nature of their absence from work to their supervisors for fear of judgement, retaliation, or being misunderstood.

It’s time to educate women and organizations about the menopause transition and what it means to the many women going through it.

The menopause transition can start in the early 40s and women aren’t prepared because, unfortunately, menopause is still a taboo subject, whispered or joked about, leaving many affected by it without the proper education and help they need.

I know too many women who gave up wonderful careers because, when they started perimenopause, the hormone imbalance wreaked havoc with their work since they didn’t have proper support to navigate through it.

These women didn’t get the help they needed, bounced from doctor to doctor, were misdiagnosed, and were prescribed the wrong medications. Many were told they had mental-health problems, were prescribed antidepressants (the fix-all of our society, it seems!) but their lives and their work didn’t improve because antidepressants aren’t the proper treatment for the hormonal changes of the menopause transition, and they had to quit work.


Support during menopause should help women cope with work and hormone changes

Menopause shouldn’t be the end of a career.

And needless.

Women need education, support, and proper treatments, hormonal or not—yes, hormone therapy is a safe option for many!

Women need to advocate for themselves during this stage of life which all women will go through, and to expect and demand better care and support. It starts with education, so please follow the link below and read my article. Afterwards share it with your HR department and plan a Lunch & Learn in your workplace.

It’s that easy and it may save your job!

Check out my Medisys article entitled “Managing Menopause Your Way”, pages 8-11, here. To read just click on the cover of the magazine :  www.medisys.ca/newsletter/2018/july/en/8-9/

If you would like a Lunch& Learn at your workplace to educate  managers and employers about menopause and improve the quality of life and work of midlife women send me an email at teresa@menopaused.org

Do you know what stage of the menopause transition you are in - perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause?

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