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In 2018, there were 4 million women between 40 and 59 years old employed in Canada.  Studies have shown that the more frequent and bothersome menopause symptoms are, the less engaged and less satisfied women are with their jobs, the lower their commitment to the organization, and the higher their intention to quit. Organizations are experiencing absenteeism, productivity loss, and job departure of midlife professional women.

During the past year alone, over 100 leading companies in the UK such as PepsiCo, Royal Bank of Scotland, Network Rail, University of Leicester, and others have addressed one of the most pressing concerns for midlife women, menopause symptoms.

Up to now there have been very limited resources to help Canadian corporations support women going through this normal and natural phase of life.

Our company, MenopausED, helps employers address this problem (which is not going away). We help you optimize work performance, reduce absenteeism, and provide a workplace culture that supports success, inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability, thereby improving the quality of work and life for women.

MenopausED is the first Canadian practice focused on improving wellness in the workplace for women 35-60. We aren’t singling out midlife women for special treatment, but we believe it’s important to include men and younger women in the conversation because bothersome menopause affects not only the woman but also her partner, family, children, friends, and coworkers.

Given your company’s desire to advance women within your organization and provide a high-performance workplace, we wish to explore ways that you can confidently address pressing midlife issues for your female employees.

Education and training can be tailored to your organization’s needs. We provide full-day and half-day programs, and two-hour and one-hour workshops and lunch & learn sessions. We also provide individualized one-on-one consultations for female employees, in person or through Skype or telephone.

Through our Corporate Health & Wellness programs we provide:

  • A needs assessment after our initial presentation to your employees.
  • Support and education to female employees experiencing bothersome menopause to improve quality of life, work, and relationships.
  • Education and training to managers, employees, HR professionals, and occupational health and safety representatives about bothersome menopause in the context of work.
  • Wellness Days—wellness is not only about the absence of disease but also about being in good health.

Topics include the three stages of menopause (perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause), symptoms and challenges, treatments and support available, lifestyle modification (sleep hygiene, exercise, healthy diet, and stress reduction), and disease prevention to promote healthy aging.

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If you would like to learn more about the impact of menopause in the workplace read Work and Menopause

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