Hormone Therapy. For pharmacists & women in the know.

I’m excited to share with pharmacists, and women who want to learn more about hormone therapy (HT), the latest blog I wrote for the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA)

Hormone Therapy: Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) Revisited

With so much misinformation and fear about hormone therapy some women suffer through menopause needlessly.

Pharmacists are accessible healthcare providers and should know the latest information about HT to provide information about menopause management.

Women should be aware of the latest information about hormone therapy in order to make informed choices regarding their menopause treatment.

Contact me if you own a pharmacy and would like to host a Clinic Day about menopause.

Contact me if you would like your pharmacy to host a Clinic day about menopause.

Contact me if you would like your workplace to offer a Lunch & Learn about menopause.