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I will provide education, encouragement and support to help you navigate the change.

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Even though women’s rights and freedoms have expanded greatly in our modern society, menopause is still taboo. I don’t hear women saying the “M word” loudly and confidently; if mentioned at all it is whispered and euphemized.

In my view, that’s a great disservice to women. I believe women would be better off if menopause was discussed, brought to light, and talked about naturally.

Like it or not, all women will go through menopause if they live long enough.

I also believe that women in the menopause transition do better if they are well informed, educated, prepared, and supported by other women facing similar challenges. And that is why, besides one-on-one consultations, group presentations, and menopause parties, I also facilitate Discussion Groups.

Discussion Group Meetings

No Discussion Group Meetings are scheduled at present, but I will have more so please check back for updates.

Discussion Group Topics

  • Perimenopause (e.g. irregular menstruation, hot flashes, sleep disturbances)
  • Vaginal, urinary and sexual health (e.g. dryness, urine leakage, painful sex)
  • Emotional and mental wellbeing (e.g. mood swings, anxiety, depression)
  • Appearance (e.g. skin, hair, eyes, weight)
  • Therapy – non-medication (e.g. lifestyle modifications, diet, exercise, counselling)
  • Therapy – medication (e.g. prescription and non-prescription, hormonal and non-hormonal)
  • Disease prevention
  • Healthy aging

Discussion Group Participant Expectations

The fee shall be paid in full before the first meeting.
Members of the group shall commit to a specific number of meetings and regular attendance will be expected.
Members shall arrive punctually, participate, share, interact, be honest, provide positive feedback, and maintain confidentiality.
Refunds for missed meetings will not be issued.

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Want to have a Menopause Party with friends? What about an informative Lunch & Learn at work? I do group presentations.