Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

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This is probably the most controversial topic! PLEASE don’t believe everything celebrities tell you about bioidenticals! There’s so much misinformation out there!
The term “bioidentical hormones” for some means that they are chemically identical to hormones that are produced by the human body (“human-identical”). Contrary to popular belief bioidentical hormones have to be produced in the lab and do not occur “naturally” in plants or other sources. Plants aren’t humans, are they?!
Hormones compounded by pharmacies have the same effects and adverse effects as commercially-available hormones. But women aren’t usually informed about it. That’s because, unfortunately these products are generally sold without an accompanying consumer information leaflet to inform women of their potential effects and most importantly of their adverse effects.
Many well-tested, government-approved, commercially available hormone therapy products contain hormones chemically identical to those made by the ovaries, are less expensive and are usually covered by most health insurances.
Compounded bioidentical hormones aren’t approved by the Natural Health Products (NHP) Directorate of Health Canada. Although the ingredients may be approved, the final product hasn’t been tested for efficacy, safety, quality, purity, and consistency.
Because of “minimal government regulation and monitoring, potential for overdosing or under dosing, presence of impurities or lack of sterility, and lack of scientific efficacy and safety data, and lack of label outlining risks”(1) compounded HT should only be used by women allergic to ingredients in approved, commercially available, products.

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The 2017 hormone therapy position statement of the North American Society