I founded MenopausED to help women navigate “the change” — the menopause transition.  Now I’m very pleased to report that my business MenopausED has been profiled on Phaze2inc. by entrepreneur and business coach Trish Tonaj, here!

Trish is a coach working with Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Leaders.  “Love, laughter and adventure” is Trish’s personal mantra and focus for achieving life’s balance between wealth and wellbeing.

In her interview with me, I summarize my motivation in founding MenopausED:

There’s a lack of resources when it comes to the care of women in midlife, and especially during the menopause transition…In general, women aren’t aware of the physical, emotional, and cognitive changes of the menopause transition. Some women breeze right through menopause but many have their quality of life affected by the hormone changes of midlife (40+). I demystify menopause and talk about sexual health.

You can read the full interview here.

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