Please vote for MenopausED for the 2020 Mompreneur® Awards!  All of you who know me personally know that I talk about menopause any time I have a chance and an audience. My main goal is to raise awareness and provide education so we break the menopause taboo, so that women who need help know how and where to get it.

I am VERY pleased to tell you that other people who believe that too have nominated me and my business, MenopausED, for the 2020 Mompreneur® Awards.

I’d love to make it all the way to the end as a Mompreneur® Awards Finalist – please vote for MenopausED DAILY  to help me get to the final 10!


Please vote here today and every day this week:


Voting Closes Sunday, December 15th!  Please vote for MenopausED for the 2020 Mompreneur® Awards!

Thank you very much!

Do you know what stage of the menopause transition you are in - perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause?

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