BioIdentical Hormones – Be Informed! Part 2

BioIdentical Hormones – Be Informed! Part 1

BioIdentical Hormones – Be Informed!Bioidentical hormones isn’t a scientific term and it means different things to different people. The Endocrine Society defines bioidentical hormones (BH) as “compounds that have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as...
To Drink Or Not To Drink In Menopause

To Drink Or Not To Drink In Menopause

To Drink Or Not To Drink In Menopause Everyone knows that “everything (or most things) in moderation is good for you”, so how much to drink in menopause? This is especially relevant when we are talking about alcohol intake. How the consumption of alcohol relates to...
Food For Menopausal Bones

Food For Menopausal Bones

During menopause you need to think about food for your menopausal bones. Bones aren’t static, they have cells that make bone and cells that dissolve bone. When we are young we make more bone than we lose but around the menopause years bone loss speeds up due to...
Can testosterone really help us?

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