This Four-Week Program Includes:

  • Initial Consultation (60 min)

    Assessment of your health and health history and discovery of your top three (peri)menopause challenges and how we’ll manage them together.

  • Two 30-minute calls

    Individualized care to address your questions, challenges, and symptoms; how to manage them based on science and your values and preferences; and delivery of your individualized Plan & Guidebook.

  • Three educational modules

    Delivered by email – video, transcript, tip sheets, and other resources focusing on:

    • Menopause awareness and education
    • Lifestyle guidance (nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep and recovery, body awareness, vitamins and supplements, and PAUSE-itivity!)
    • Vaginal and sexual wellbeing – address low sex drive, dryness, and painful sex
4 Week Program

Starting at

$900 CAD/month

You’ll have access to me during our online live private sessions (focused on addressing your concerns, challenges, and symptoms, and improving your menopause journey); email support during the four weeks; lifetime access to relevant resources; and your individualized Plan & Guidebook.

We also offer Single Coaching Sessions
Single Session

Includes assessment
60 – 90 minutes

$300 CAD
Follow-up Consultation

60 minutes

$200 CAD

Science-Base Coaching So You Can Take Control Confidently

Consultations are done over the phone or online through simple, free, and secure Telemedicine (safer and more secure than Zoom).

P.L.E.A.S.E. Yourself!

Six Tips For An Easier Menopause Transition

Grab this quick guide and learn techniques to minimize menopause symptoms

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