Are you apple-shaped or pear-shaped?

Women come in all shapes and sizes. A new study found that postmenopausal women with normal weight have a higher risk of cardiac disease if they are apple-shaped rather than pear-shaped. During the menopause transition when estrogen levels fluctuate and decline,...

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What is Vitamin D Good For?

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for overall health.  Our bodies produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight. And vitamin D occurs naturally in some foods, is added to others, and is available as a supplement in the form of a pill...

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Teresa on Living a Better Life with Madelaine Golec

Recently I was the featured guest on the podcast Living a Better Life with Madelaine Golec. At my first Mompreneurs Conference in 2019, Madelaine was one of the women listening to me talk about menopause (what else?). She is a Registered Physiotherapist/ Pelvic Floor...

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Teresa speaking about menopause at PxP2019

Last week I enjoyed speaking about menopause at PxP2019 —on demystifying hormone therapy (HT)—to pharmacists from across Canada.  Pharmacy Experience Pharmacie (PxP2019) is joint Canadian Pharmacists Association and Ontario Pharmacists Association conference. I also...

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Teresa’s interview with Mompreneurs

Mompreneurs® is a group dedicated to supporting, educating, and empowering moms in business. I'm a Mompreneurs member and their website features an interview they did with me. My interview with Mompreneurs allowed me to expand on the reasons that I became interested...

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My business MenopausED profiled on Phaze2inc.

I founded MenopausED to help women navigate "the change" -- the menopause transition.  Now I'm very pleased to report that my business MenopausED has been profiled on Phaze2inc. by entrepreneur and business coach Trish Tonaj, here! Trish is a coach working with...

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Let’s Talk About Menopause

Last month I wrote a blog for MOMPRENEURS titled "Let's Talk About Menopause". In the blog, I ask perhaps the most perplexing question of menopause:  If all women go through menopause, why are most unprepared for it? I take you through my personal journey and I...

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Be part of the WHIM (Women’s Health In Midlife) Network

Are you a woman 40-65? Do you agree that women should support each other? Do you enjoy connecting with other women who are going through experiences similar to yours? Do feel better when you are supported by a community of women you can relate to? Do you believe that...

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