Vaginal dryness often adversely affects your sexual health and quality of life, self-esteem, and body image. Unfortunately, only a minority of women seek help or are offered treatment by their primary physician.

But YOU don’t have to suffer.

Let’s talk privately and improve your quality of life, sex life, satisfaction, pleasure, and intimate relationships. There are many inexpensive and easy-to-use therapies; let me guide you through them.

Women who are not sexually active may also experience bothersome dryness affecting activities of daily living like sitting for long periods of time, wearing tight clothing, exercising, or riding a bicycle, for example.

This consultation is especially relevant for women over 50 years old who are in a new intimate relationship.

Many women experience physical, emotional, and mental challenges in midlife due to hormonal changes.

You are not alone.

I provide education and support on symptom management so that you can feel like yourself again and enjoy a vibrant, and productive life.

Personal Consultation
$300 CAD

This Consultation Includes:

  • Online live private session (60 min)
  • An educational video
  • Written materials:
    • “How to Talk to My Partner about Vaginal Dryness”
    • “What You Should Know About Your Partner’s Vaginal Dryness”, a handout for your partner
    • “How To Initiate A Conversation With My Physician About Vaginal Dryness”, a handout to prepare you for your doctor’s visit
We also offer Single Coaching Sessions
Single Session

Includes assessment
60 – 90 minutes

$300 CAD
Follow-up Consultation

60 minutes

$200 CAD

Don’t let your vagina ruin your marriage!

Consultations are done over the phone or online through simple, free, and secure Telemedicine (safer and more secure than Zoom).

P.L.E.A.S.E. Yourself!

Six Tips For An Easier Menopause Transition

Grab this quick guide and learn techniques to minimize menopause symptoms

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