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Herbs for menopause challenges – what you need to know

August 13, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Herbs for menopause challenges

There are many available herbs for menopause challenges – that is, herbs to treat symptoms of menopause. But the effectiveness and safety of these preparations varies greatly.

Women often ask me what “natural remedies” they should take to help (peri)menopause challenges like hot flashes, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, low libido, and others.

The answer is never straightforward, easy, or fast – it depends.

That’s because any substance you ingest that alters the structure or functioning of the body in some way is a drug.

Regardless, whether a drug is extracted from a plant or synthesized in the laboratory it has the potential to provide benefits but also adverse effects.

It also has the potential to interact with medical conditions and medications, or cause allergies. Therefore treatment must be individualized because no two women are the same!

Join this workshop and learn about the most commonly used dietary and herbals products for the treatment of menopause symptoms, their benefits, risks, contraindications, and if they are indicated for you and your personal medical history:  Soy, Black Cohosh, Maca, Omega 3-Fish Oils, Vitex, Sage, Evening Primrose Oil, and others.

Time for Q&A!

Learn more about this event “Herbs for menopause challenges” and register here.

If you can’t attend live and you’re a WHIM (Women’s Health In Midlife) Network member you’ll receive the recorded webinar to watch at your leisure.

If you’re not a WHIM Network member yet and would like to be (only $45 for the remainder of 2020!) sign up here.

Are you…

  • Over 40?
  • Committed to your health and wellbeing?
  • Interested in learning more about your body and mind?
  • Ready to put yourself at the top of the list and look after yourself?

The purpose of the WHIM (Women’s Health In Midlife) Network is to educate women about their health and wellbeing, the life-affirming changes of midlife, and healthy aging.  It’s the culmination of my 20+ years of experience working in women’s health with a focus on menopause.

I help women cut through the clutter, the myths, and the folklore.  By providing truthful, trusted advice, I educate women and equip them to be their own health advocates.

Come put yourself first and celebrate your journey with our growing community.


August 13, 2020
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Teresa Isabel Dias

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