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Tips to minimize hot flashes in hot weather

June 11 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Tips to minimize hot flashes in hot weather

The heat is on! Are hot flashes bothering you? Night sweats waking you up at night? Get some tips to minimize hot flashes in hot weather and improve your menopause summer experience!

You may find your hot flashes have worsened since the temperature has gone up.  In menopause, slight increases in body temperature can trigger hot flashes.

It happens to me every summer. When I think my hot flashes are over, along comes the hot weather…

Hot flashes and night sweats are known as “vasomotor symptoms”.  In this online workshop I’ll give you some tips to minimize hot flashes in hot weather, to improve your life, work, and sleep.

Ask and get answered all your questions about this natural but sometimes challenging stage of life.

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Teresa Isabel Dias is a pharmacist and a menopause practitioner (NCMP) certified by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). She lives in Toronto and all her services are available online-101 consultations, live workshops, and webinars. Sign up for her free biweekly MenopausED Newsletter www.menopaused.org to learn more about menopause and women’s health.





Teresa Isabel Dias

Tips to minimize HF

Have your hot flashes worsened since the temperature has gone up?  It happens to me every year...

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