The most common comment I hear from the women I work with is “I thought I was the only one”! To learn from others we need to stay connected.

If you stay connect during your menopause transition, it will help you see that you are not alone in your journey. Even though you go through menopause in your own unique way, sharing your experiences and learning from other women going through a similar journey is very helpful and reassuring.

During the pandemic we are kept physically away from our family and friends and may feel very alone and lonely.

Your menopause challenges probably didn’t go away when the pandemic started and may have become worse due to anxiety, stress, worry, too much work or not enough work, family circumstances, finances, and more.

“During crisis situations, it is important that we lean on each other for support as we are stronger as a collective than as a single individual,” says Dr. Matthew Boyle, a psychiatrist at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. And he adds “social connections can be ways to help reduce stress – and that’s a great health benefit in a time like this.” As I say, stay connected!

The WHIM (Women’s Health In Midlife) Network is for women like you who need a community to stay connected, where sharing, relating, encouraging, supporting, educating, and lifting each other up is welcomed, encouraged, and facilitated.

The WHIM Network is a community where I encourage and support you to make your health a priority, in midlife and through your menopause transition.

You’ll have access to exclusive members-only Support/Sharing Get-Togethers for women to share experiences and learn from others. And I’ll be present to answer any questions you may have.

And you’ll have free access to more than 20 events where I’ll interview expert guest speakers about nutrition, exercise, positivity, meditation, relationships, gut health, sleep, breathing, mental health, dressing for your body shape, eroticism, and a lot more!

Start working today towards the woman you want to be at 70, 80, 90, 100!

See what else your membership includes here.

All meetings will be through Zoom; if you’re not comfortable using this very user-friendly platform yet let me know and I’ll guide you through it. If I could learn it, you can use it!

This is the last of my 12 Tips for Menopause-Friendly Holidays. I hope you learned something new and I helped you navigate the change and improve your quality of life.

I wish you and your loved ones a very healthy and happy Christmas and New Year!

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