In this Rocking Midlife Podcast, “Navigating Menopause with Teresa Dias”, my esteemed and very funny hostess, Cat Coluccio, and I cover all sorts of areas, ranging from night sweats to dry vaginas.

Ten years ago, when I was in my late 40s and my oldest son was in his late teens he asked me if I was bipolar because my moods were so extreme. That led me to research what could be contributing to my moods and I discovered that I was in perimenopause.

I realized, WOW! If I, a well-educated healthcare professional, had no idea of what was going on in my body and my mind then a lot of other women who’re going through similar challenges must know even less.

That’s when I decided to get my menopause practitioner certification (NCMP) through the North American menopause Society (NAMS), so I could make women’s midlife journey easier.

There’s a lot of secrecy, shame, denial, and taboo about menopause.

I’ve learned a lot through experience, listening, counselling, and educating women going through the hormonal changes of midlife.  I believe there are three things that must be accomplished so that ALL women can have an easier menopause, not feel they’re going crazy, and realize that they’re not alone on this journey:

  • We must normalize menopause, talk about it, and break the taboo because ALL women go through menopause and there’s no shame in it.
  • Women need to be aware of menopause, be prepared for it, and understand what’s causing the changes, in order to avoid worry, fear, and needless suffering.
  • Women need to know that for every challenge that (peri)menopause poses there’s a solution, and they need to know where to find support when they need it.

Cat says

This Rocking Midlife Podcast, “Navigating Menopause with Teresa Dias”, is one that every midlife woman needs to listen to.

In fact, every woman’s family should listen in too so they can learn how to support the menopausal woman in their life.

I certainly learned things that I didn’t know, as let’s face it, menopause is rarely discussed as being a normal season of life. Teresa’s business is called MenopausED, a virtual women’s health practice specialized in menopause. She raises awareness about menopause and provides education and support to women in midlife to help them navigate this season.

You can find the podcast here,

Learn more about the work I do here.

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